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Procedural File: KSC5601_pure.php

Source Location: /KSC5601/KSC5601/KSC5601_pure.php


Original API of KSC5601 that used pure php code

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Project: KSC5601 :: convert character set between KSC5601 and UTF8 File: KSC5601/KSC5601_pure.php

Sub pcakge of KSC5601 package. This package is used when php don't support iconv or mbstring extensions.


author:  JoungKyun.Kim <http://oops.org>
version:  $Id$
copyright:  (c) 2015, JoungKyun.Kim
link:  http://pear.oops.org/package/KSC5601
filesource:  Source Code for this file
license:  BSD


require_once('KSC5601/UTF8.php') [line 31]
import UTF-8 API that has pure php code for UTF-8

EXTMODE [line 25]

EXTMODE = false
Define EXTMODE to false. This means that php don't support iconv or mbstring extensions.

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